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In June 1954, Louisville was host to the I.B.M. Convention.

Sherrell Nunnelley, Dean of our club was featured on the cover of the April 1954 Linking Ring Magazine.

Louisville, Ky. Ring 64, IBM Convention Committee

DR. V. B. ROSENBAUM, President
Top, left to right: Harry Collins, Contest Chairman; Herman Slaughter, Sergeant-at-Arms; Shirley Lewis, Sergeant-at-Arms; Jack Byrnes, Reception; G. R. Rinehart, Guest; Dr. L. G. Miller, Banquet Chairman; J. J, Musselman, Auditorium Chairman; Leonard Turley, Finance Chairman; Bert Hagan, Reception; Johnny Hagan, Sergeant-at-Arms.


Second, left to right: .Jim Asker, Hotel Reservations; William Keefe, Hotel Reservation Chairman; Don Gonzalez, Reception: Jerry Kannapel, Pro-gram Chairman: Dr. Victor Rosenbaum, Registration Chairman; Theo. "Okito" Bamberg:, Honorary Chairman; Sherrell Nunnelley, General Chairman; Gus Brakmeier, Photography Chairman; Ray Tillman, Secretary; Fritz Drybough. Reception Chairman.


Bottom, left to right: Doug Phillips, Close-up and Educational Chairman; Louis Hornung, Sergeant-at-Arms; James Poe, Stage Manager; William Dodson, Show Chairman; Bill Horan, Hotel Reservations; Don Redmon, Dealer Chairman.


Not pictured: Betty Dodson. Ladies Chairman; Jean Nunnelley, Nursery; Polly Rosenbaum, Ladies; Lena Mae Phillips, Ladies; Dick Gustafson, Derby Night; C. O. Montgomery, Ventriloquist; Ed Mall, Reception; Dr. John Frankel, Registration.


Louisville Magic Club Dean

Sherrell Nunnelley on the cover of the April 1954

Linking Ring Magazine